Noticing the need for a support organization for youth in the arts, the Memphis chapter was organized in 1993 by Lady Carolyne Lamar Jordan. A group of friends and schoolmates who would had an interest in the Arts gathered to share ideals. The charter members included: O Patricia Coleman, Brenda Partee Morris, Mae Frances Jackson, Ethelyn Williams Neal, Yvonne Madlock, Barbara Duncan Cody, and Anne Marie Wallace. During the weekend of installation many activities took place. The chapter elect- Friends of the Arts, welcomed national officers to Memphis, including ,Dr. Judine Johnson, national president with a stellar of events The reception took place at the home of Drs. Lawrence and Carolyne Jordan (3rd National Past President.), with guests from all of the major art organizations in attendance, including Symphony members and directors of other major arts organizations.

When Lady Cameron Smith ,became president of the MEMPHIS Chapter ,additional Community Involvement developed .The Society is a non-profit national organization of women dedicated to enhancing, exposing, and promoting youth in the arts for the betterment of our community, we bond in friendship and service to give the youth in our community a chance to reach their potential of expression in the visual, literary, and performing arts .Additionally, we open our partnering goals with WatotoMemphis, Collage Dance Collective and Hattilloo Theatre .

Two Tea and Talent Preview Art Gatherings have taken place, giving our community members an exclusive view of the talent we have in our community. It also showed and shared the opportunity to support year-round programs by offering scholarships to students involved with our programs.

Our goals are clear:
• Increase scholarship offerings to more students in our community
• Introduce partner organizations to new audience members and donors
• Build community capacity to support the arts